Pink Thulite Tribal Pendant with original handmade Thulite Slide bead



Power Pendants

4.5 cm


7.5 cm


1.7 cm


43 gram


Thulite is a calming stone that stimulates creativity and stimulates the life force so that you can really enjoy life.
This Pendant is a great friend to start a new project, period, business .... it will stimulate, activate and inspire you and help you solve any problem you run into. Thuliet makes you more confident and stronger. It encourages entrepreneurship and helps to see resistance as challenges and to overcome them. Thulite is a stone that gives confidence in yourself and in the future.
It is a stone that makes all your wishes come true.
The stone makes creative and resourceful and helps to find solutions. The stone inspires, makes you curious and makes you step into life fully, by making you outgoing, adventurous and romantic.
A great stone to gain back some FUN in life!! ;o}