Black Obsidian Skull



6 cm


9 cm


10.2 cm


764 gram


Black obsidian is a strong insight-giving and cleansing stone that stimulates personal development through (self) insight and the clearing of baggage from the past. It brings out the truth, the core or cause of things (or illness) and repressed and hidden experiences and emotions. The stone can work like a mirror and help discover who you really are but can also bring to light the less pleasant aspects of the personality. The stone reduces fear, blockages, traumas and restrictive behavior and thought patterns and promotes the flow of energy. The stone can work very powerfully and because of the violent emotions that can come up and the fact that some (self) insights can also be very confronting, sensitive people can use this stone better under the guidance of a therapist or choose a different stone. Obsidian protects against psychic attacks, reduces negative spiritual influences and absorbs negative energy from the environment (radiation, water veins, etc.). It promotes clarity of mind and sharpens the senses.