Greenland Hackmanite Dragon Fluorescent, Tenebrescent





7 cm


8.8 cm


5 cm


260 gram


Hackmanite is a rare mineral with very special properties. It is a variety of sodalite that exhibits both tenebrescencia and fluorescence. The tenebrescence of hackmanite, also known as reversible photochromism, is the very rare ability of minerals to change color when exposed to light.

This stone unites intuition with logic and has access to the higher Spiritual world and connects it to the physical body. Hackmanite aligns with the spiritual gifts that bring happiness, joy, freedom and healing to man. This stone also makes deep insightful meditations easier. It also helps you better understand situations you find yourself in and accept your shadow sides and understand the usefulness of these experiences. The stone protects against electromagnetic radiation from computers, mobile phones and cell towers, for example. Hackmanite relieves fears, guilt and phobias, it helps you to sit less tight in the crotch. The stone ensures that you remain true to yourself and your beliefs, but that you are also open to other possibilities, it creates space for new insights.