Petrified Wood Skull

Petrified Wood



6.1 cm


8.1 cm


11.2 cm


672 gram


Petrified wood works grounding, protective, relaxing and stabilizes. The soft energy of this stone protects against all kinds of negative influences, shields and helps you feel safe and at your place in the here and now. It is therefore a good stone to wear while traveling or if you suffer from homesickness. It helps to release negative energy and negative emotions such as fear, anger and grief, making you feel more resilient and stronger. It has a calming effect, it is supportive and protective for high sensitivity. It helps reduce the effects of water veins, reduces incarnation problems and supports problems that are caused by a previous lives. Physically, petrified wood has a positive effect on the skeleton, the bones and the back. Connect yourself with millions of years old wisdom.....